Having a transparent and lasting relationship with its stakeholders is fundamental to increase trust in COIMA RES activities and to initiate qualified and valuable paths for the whole community. The company bases relationships on dialogue with its stakeholders, be they investors or potential investors, local institutions, suppliers, collaborators or tenants of the assets in the portfolio.

COIMA RES' stakeholders map

With the aim of proposing proactive communication and constant dialogue with its stakeholders, COIMA RES has developed over time a set of specific tools and channels to better manage relationships and encourage moments of sharing that generate debate and confrontation.

To cope with a volatile market environment, and with the aim of deepening market knowledge of the company, COIMA RES manages interactions with investors by participating in a large number of conferences (both of the sector and Italian market dedicated) and organizing several roadshows. Investor Relations activity in 2018 increased by approximately 50% compared to the previous year.



Brussels (april)

Luxembourg (may)

London (may)

Lugano (june)

Madrid (june)

frankfurt (june)

London (july)

Paris (september)

New York (november)

Milan (november)


Citi Global Property CEO Conference (Miami, march)

Kempen European Property Seminar (New York, march)

REITs by ALLinvest (Paris, april)

Kepler Italian Conference (Milan, may)

Kempen European Property Seminar (New York, march)

Mediobanca CEO Conference (Milan, june)

Borsa Italiana Sustainability Day (Milan, july)

EPRA Conference (Berlin, september)

Banca IMI Italian Stock Market Opportunities Conference (Milan, september)

Societe Generale Pan-European Real Estate COnference (London, september)

COIMA Real Estate Forum (Milan, october)

EPRA Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, december)


Tenants’ satisfaction is a fundamental driver in the management of real estate assets. For this reason, COIMA RES measures the level of tenants’ satisfaction by involving them through the "Tenant Satisfaction Survey", useful for the determination of the Kingsley Index (SM) (index of measurement of the level of satisfaction of customers and tenants).

COIMA RES periodically submits the tenants of the properties of its portfolio to the survey. The questionnaire is customized based on the type of space leased, the offices. COIMA results are compared with data collected in previous years, with the Kingsley index as reference for the current year and are used to monitor the effects of the performed activities, identifying at the same time potential areas for improvement. The performance values of the buildings monitored in 2018 confirm a substantial alignment with international best practices, with a particular result for the Vodafone Village complex.


Risultati kingsley 2018

Among the stakeholders, COIMA RES employees play a fundamental role and are regularly involved in Corporate Quarterly Updates, quarterly update meetings on business trends and prospects. In addition to these, periodic in-depth analyses are organized on various topics, often held by leading international professionals of the sector, meetings dedicated to families, such as Kids Day in collaboration with the Dynamo Camp association, and every two years a three-day corporate Retreat designed by heterogeneous groups of colleagues participating in a dedicated contest. In 2018, the destination of the Retreat was Trentino, with a series of meetings, in-depth studies and team building moments dedicated to the theme of sustainability. For details on relations with collaborators, we refer to the Careers page

Finally, we should mention multi-stakeholder dialogue tools such as the COIMA digital channels that are constantly evolving and represent a reliable and official voice of the platform. In 2018, the LinkedIn profile of COIMA was opened, dedicated to the world of professionals, which exceeded 12,000 followers in its first year of operation. A profound restyling work was also carried out on this website, which was reported among the best improvers in the Italian ranking Webranking by Comprend, the main European survey that evaluates the transparency on digital channels of listed companies based on the fundamental demands of stakeholders.